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”“A us diver bladesis a standard system and basic safety unit. While in the latter circumstance, you use it while in the unlikely, but possible, predicament that you are.

knotted and likewise need to free yourself. A dive knife is a critical safety tool to aid you in case you get caught in angling line, nets, seaweed, and so on - It is far from to push back assaults from underwater animals, It’s not a weapon. There may be a large a number of dive knives available so how would you pick the best possible one to suit your needs?

Choosing Dive Knives.

The way to you find from among every one of the options available? , for those who just take into consideration the sort of diving you are performing coupled with a couple of simple attributes.


Huntsman Titanium Dive Blade.

Just one component to think about will be the sort of the scuba blade. For quite a few leisure divers, blunt suggestion dive knives tend to be the greatest variety.

The following preference is involving a straight edge along with serrated edge. Once more, it relies on what kind of diving you’re carrying out, on the other hand, for the recreational dive, a serrated edge is the ideal alternative. A serrated facet could Slash via difficult objects and tends to remain sharper for a longer period.

Dimension of your Blade.

For your amusement dive, you do not will need a monster dive blade. Although it might make somebody seem to be a superhero, it’ll possibly do far more harm than excellent. Keep in mind, you might be just carrying a scuba diving knife in situation you acquire tangled in a various other or Internet object. For nearly all of your dives (With a bit of luck, all your dives) your dive blade will certainly be being in your scenario.

Stainless-steel or Titanium Dive Knife.

Chrome steel knives normally can be found in three hundred collection-400 series alloys. The diminished the quantity, the a lot more corrosion resistant the knife will be.

The trade-off would be that the diminished the selection, the harder it truly is to preserve a tough edge. All chrome steel knives will definitely wear away to some extent, in some cases pretty immediately, as a consequence of their carbon Website (which supplies endurance). As a result they will definitely require regular maintenance.

Knife affixed within leg.

Titanium dive knives are definitely the high end option due to the fact They may be noticeably quite a bit extra high-priced when compared with their chrome steel equivalents. Titanium dive blades Similarly maintain an edge perfectly.

Connecting your us aqualung knife.

You Furthermore must take into consideration where you will certainly desire to hook up your dive knife. A person widespread placement utilized to generally be around the leg. Almost certainly the most widespread placement bought on the lessen leg, reverse the dominant hand. This placement has been criticized as becoming also effortless to catch and/or get knotted in points underwater.

A dive blade to the BC may additionally be considerably less complex to reach dependant upon the predicament. For those who mount a dive knife on your BC, make certain it has a blunt suggestion therefore you Really don’t penetrate the BC.

With the leisure dive, you do not need a monster dive knife. For most of the dives (Hopefully, your whole dives) your dive blade will certainly be being in the scenario.

Titanium dive knives also keep an edge perfectly. A dive knife on the BC could likewise be less complicated to access according to the circumstance. When you location a dive blade on the BC, make certain it’s a blunt tip this means you don’t pierce the BC.

I actually similar to this knife. When I bought it I didn’t understand it was a divers knife. (It was an impulse buy) But I am very delighted to get it in my collection. The only concern I’ve with it is that the knife could be tough to get rid of fromthe holster when It is strapped to my leg. This may not be the case if I have been within a damp sit however. knife